Children’s Sports Club «Championship Opportunities»

Prevent Nuclear Catastrophe Effects Foundation renders the international charitable assistance to victims of nuclear disasters, nuclear accidents, tests, and military training with the usage of nuclear weapons and radiation.

Any disaster has negative consequences, affecting a large number of people, including children. Children, residing in the contaminated areas due to the nuclear disaster, face a lot of barriers, including social disintegration, and the inability to exercise or participate in sports.

The consequences of nuclear contamination hamper the economic development regions of Ukraine, the population is below the poverty line, the development of children’s sports is ignored, children in rural schools do not even know about sports equipment and the variety of athletics.

Being aware of this problem, through a charity collecting of sports equipment and sportswear we have initiated the charitable program aimed at sports development at schools located in the contaminated areas of Ukraine.

All donations will go to rural schools and orphanages, and children living in these areas will be provided with sports clothing and footwear. Later on, it will allow the creating of various sports teams and organizing international sports events.

Prevent Nuclear Catastrophe Effects Foundation invites caring donors to get the tax relief as provided by the law, and take part in this charitable mission, contributing to the sports development for children residing in the contaminated areas of Ukraine.

Participation in the management of the aftermath of nuclear accidents is a duty of everyone for the benefit of humanity.


Total number of educational institutions in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Volyn, Vinnytsia and Cherkasy regions 8 921:

  • Pre-Schools: 3 268
  • Secondary school: 5 111
  • Vocational school: 225
  • Higher Education Institutions: 317

Detailed information

  • Kyiv region
  • Pre-Schools: 719
    Secondary school: 769
    Vocational school: 31
    Higher Education Institutions: 59

  • Zhytomyr region
  • Pre-Schools: 690
    Secondary school: 769
    Vocational school: 32
    Higher Education Institutions: 42

  • Rivne region
  • Pre-Schools: 299
    Secondary school: 668
    Vocational school: 32
    Higher Education Institutions: 37

  • Volyn region
  • Pre-Schools: 470
    Secondary school: 773
    Vocational school: 22
    Higher Education Institutions: 32

  • Vinnytsia region
  • Pre-Schools:
    Secondary school: 890
    Vocational school: 48
    Higher Education Institutions: 65

  • Cherkasy region
  • Pre-Schools: 670
    Secondary school: 653
    Vocational school: 27
    Higher Education Institutions: 47

  • Chernihiv region
  • Pre-Schools: 420
    Secondary school: 589
    Vocational school: 33
    Higher Education Institutions: 35


Children’s Sports Club «Championship Opportunities»
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