Resort Recreation

Resort Recreation




Program is worked out to recreate persons suffered from Chornobyl disaster and other persons being under Ukrainian Law dated February, 28 1991 № 796 – XXII , members of All–Ukrainian Association of Veterans & Disabled of Chernobyl at resort areas of various countries in the world including residence and feeding at modern hotel complexes.

Program is valid on condition that members of All–Ukrainian Association of Veterans & Disabled of Chernobyl apply to Foundation the official personal written applications to be included to this Program and applications for providing with resort recreation.

Cooperating with international partners Foundation both obtains needed information about vacant rooms at mentioned hotel complexes and gives the opportunity to Chornobylets to obtain charity aid from owners of hotel complexes and in this way Foundation provides Chornobylets with modern resort recreation.

Most of Chornobylets who are able to travel want to visit various countries in the world. Taking into account this important problem Foundation set cooperation with proper international partners including the owners of hotel complexes in various countries in the world who are ready to provide charity aid for Chornobylets such as living and feeding at their hotel complexes.

Owners of hotel complexes always respond to requests which are implemented in their countries under Charity Programs. In spring and other periods when there is no demand on hotels they are interested to provide Chornobylets free with rooms and feeding for 21 days on charity basis.

Some achievements of Foundation should be mentioned as to resort recreation of Chornobylets under this Program. First there is a list of owners of hotel complexes who are ready to cooperate with Foundation under terms of this Program. The specialists of Foundation studied the ways to implement this Program taking into account Ukrainian legislation and regulatory framework of the countries where international partners work and provide charity aid.

Foundation is ready to provide Chornobylets with all needed for everyday existence, interesting and exciting life that is travelling, rest and resort recreation at the best resorts in the world.

This includes collecting and checking applications and other needed additional documents obtained from Chornobylets, collecting and generalizing the documents of Agencies for Social Protection of People as to official registration of Chornobylets and obtaining the preferential sanatorium and resort vouchers. Generalized applications of Chornobylets are distributed according to chosen resort of recreation and passed to international partners who check them taking into account the legislation of their countries. Then in case of positive resolution the international partners provide Foundation with official invitations for every Chornobylets.





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